Alone again 

​Yet again I am a zombie roaming about in the catacombs we call life.  My face expressionless My voice without inflection My eyes have a distant, cold look  Nobody will approach me again I will realize that I do not belong here again

9:08 PM

Night is approaching, tree branches are swaying left to right. The leaves are rustling, and I hear a ice-cream truck in the distance. Other then that, it’s silent, so serene out. My mind is empty, as it should be. My heart is floating safely in my breathing carcass. Right now, I am secured, thanks to… Read More 9:08 PM


Encroached by thoughts that aren’t my own, yet I remain indifferent. Why fret when I can simply pluck these unwanted weeds and nourish. Black and white disgusts me, so I will choose vibrant colors that I will guise with grey. Just know that romanticizing your pain is but a deterrent to our fragile hearts. Promise… Read More Obscurum


Is there a hidden mood to every day life? An atmosphere in which is a reflection of how you truly feel deeply within? Perhaps it is your life’s fuel? Whatever happens when it is running low? Or worse, Empty? Can one simply notice it? Notice the utter depletion of your life’s essence? If so, Where… Read More Obscurities