Encroached by thoughts that aren’t my own, yet I remain indifferent. Why fret when I can simply pluck these unwanted weeds and nourish. Black and white disgusts me, so I will choose vibrant colors that I will guise with grey. Just know that romanticizing your pain is but a deterrent to our fragile hearts. Promise… Read More Obscurum

Two In The Same

Broken man: This existence isn’t right. Vagrant: What do you mean? Broken man: There is a thing about me that is wrong. Something I cannot fix naturally in my isolation. It causes so much woe. Vagrant: What do you speak of? Broken man: Oh. It’s nothing really. Sorry. Vagrant: Well… You’ll get through it. I’m… Read More Two In The Same

Ocean Depth

Your words float, while mine sink. You’ll forever be safely adrift, but I’ll drown knowing in despair that to hope is an illusion. I accept my fate. I’ll be under, next to, above, and within a perpetual darkness… You aren’t aware of my suffering because you can see the sky. Why look down?


Why must people bring grief along with them? They don’t, if they’re good. What brings grief are your expectations, your desires, your very own emotions. There is a dormant atrocity within us all. All it takes is one person, a surreal prelude, and then finally, the beast awakens to ravage your soul until everything is… Read More Luctus