​Once the loudness of the world fades away into silence the morbid atmosphere of reality’s vacuity empties your mind and disillusions you of what you believe you are and what you believe is right before you. Suddenly, you feel stranded and alone in a world you thought you knew, it all became foreign and unknown.… Read More Absurdity 

How strange it is this intangible force of will to live. Looming over me is the promise of inevitable obliteration, and in my frequent junctures of strife I yearn for my being to be utterly wiped out from existence. However, the indomitable will to live does not allow me to succumb to my frequent cravings… Read More

Abruptly Connected 

​Seeing my reflection disturbs me since it’s a reminder that I, too, am human. That I am a breathing conscious heap of flesh in an absurd world I ponder too often about. It’s an aggressive snap back into reality that leaves me in silent horror and disbelief. It’s no wonder why my body is always… Read More Abruptly Connected 

I’m really tired. 

And I wonder while wandering through desolate planes one after the other with the most innocent look of confusion on my face, and with a cold heart that yearns for too many seemingly impossible things. Ah… The vacuity of my heart expands just like endless space. So much room in my heart, yet no one… Read More I’m really tired. 


You never know you’re lonely until someone comes into your life then suddenly decides to walk away without giving you a good reason. I didn’t know loneliness could feel like it’s expanding within you. When it expands too much the pressure is just unreal and it feels like my heart and mind are about to implode, causing… Read More Sigh

Alone again 

​Yet again I am a zombie roaming about in the catacombs we call life.  My face expressionless My voice without inflection My eyes have a distant, cold look  Nobody will approach me again I will realize that I do not belong here again