​Once the loudness of the world fades away into silence the morbid atmosphere of reality’s vacuity empties your mind and disillusions you of what you believe you are and what you believe is right before you. Suddenly, you feel stranded and alone in a world you thought you knew, it all became foreign and unknown. The reality you knew became unreal to you, because it never really was. Reality has become something incomprehensible, yet you swear to yourself that you knew it all before: What you really knew, and what you’ll ever know, is your conceptualization of this strange phenomenon we refer to as “existence”. The ontological despair of never being able to know how any of this came to be and why drove the originators of our species into an ever violent madness that, till this day, has us in its stranglehold, and our only escape from it being the release of death. The curtain has been lifted, revealing what has always been silently lingering behind it. And there is no one who can save you from the disquieting nature of the brute, indifferent chaos that will send you hurling into the blackest despondency.