This guilt I feel is the only remnant left of my humanity. I will continue to reproach myself until I inevitably meet your fate. It is the least I can do for forsaking your friendship. I will warn people of my absolute indifference to their lives, for a decaying body is unworthy of their emotional… Read More Conclusion. 


And without warning, his tender heart became heavy with an ambiguous sorrow  He couldn’t think of any reason as to why his heart was grieving so suddenly  Such are the ways of the everlong mysterious emotions  No evidence to suggest why he feels so empty, so alone In this madness we call life  At this… Read More Sudden


Observing people with the awareness of knowing our existence is arbitrary and for nought is the equivalent to watching children running around in the park. I physically play my role in this absurd existence around me. Mentally I am merely a spectator observing my fellow organisms go on about their meaningless lives. It seems that… Read More .