Done with this thought.

It’s strange how one can suddenly lose their interest in communicating with others, especially towards those who they sought out specifically based off their preferences. What’s also strange is my shift in thinking. Lately, I’ve been comparing the word friend to tool and vice versa, and what I realized is that they aren’t so different in comparison. Humans are naturally seflish creatures, even when they are being altruistic since it’s their desire to be selfless during whatever situation it is that makes them decide to be that way. There is nothing wrong with that. People use each other to fulfill their own motives whether it’s catching up with each other or just having their company after a difficult moment in life. The word friend, to me, seems like the romanticized version of the word tool. The only differences is that there is an emotional attachment by definition with the word friend. Friends aren’t tools by definition, however, it’s mutual consentual use of each others existence. I see nothing wrong with it. It makes more sense for me to call my friends valued tools. 

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