Life is a series of uneventful events. We distract ourselves from a boredom that is always lingering within us, whether it is deep or near surface. Life seems wasted when one only cares to live in the moment. People that do that baffle me the most. I can’t imagine how it’s so easy for them to slip away from reality just to become a empty husk of enjoyment. What does one get by doing that often? Is it a sign a that they aren’t enjoying their lives? Is it a sign that they are afraid to think? Is it a sign that they are too weak to deal with themselves? We even distract ourselves from ourselves, and even those who we love when they hurt us. We take life for granted. We don’t question the meaning to our existence. Instead, we set goals and/or hope/work for a so-called better future. The act of living is abuse. Life is a humorous abuse. 

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