When he fixes his gaze on a puffy cloud he can almost feel reality. It’s the most beautifully profound feeling he will ever feel, and he is content with that. However, he yearns to feel reality in its whole. A mere tinge is enough to caress his heart with a melancholic happiness.  The feeling in… Read More Surreality

Foolish of me

Tedium for what is to come tomorrow. Perhaps some are just careless, and, maybe, carelessness is sometimes a mask worn to cover their foolishness. However, foolish am I, for I am the one who placed that mask upon their face. Those who don’t care and live in their own world with their own time rarely… Read More Foolish of me

Writing exhausted.

It doesn’t matter the milieu I suffocate in , eventually my thoughts will be everywhere I look… secreting… Perhaps one shouldn’t type when exhausted… no temperature, yet it’s ice, ice the color of beige… a slab of beige ice. My emotional state is a slab of beige ice with no temperature. It’s a creamy sensation… Read More Writing exhausted.