Disquiet I

To destroy, rebuild, repair, improve, and to destroy himself again is the nature of his existence. The ending of the next cycle is always much worse. He dreadfully awaits his impending doom in a solitary disquiet. The loss of control of his limbs, the burning stab of humiliating realizations will puncture him to his core,… Read More Disquiet I


Whenever something happens in his life that he feels is good it places it’s phantom hands on his shoulders and whispers into his ear, “Tell me, what is the point? You’re going to die anyway”. The pleasant feeling he has then fades away quickly as if it never existed. As if it has been cast… Read More Phantom


“I love him who has a free spirit and a free heart: thus his head is only the entrails of his heart; but his heart drives him to go under.” – Excerpt from ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ by Friedrich Nietzsche